Museum – Exhibition

Gomorrah 1943 – Hamburg’s destruction through aerial warfare

In 2012/2013 the Museum of St. Nikolai Memorial has been costly rebuilt and extended. Since September 2013 a permanent exhibition is shown.

It is divided in four different areas:

The history of St. Nikolai

From its beginnings as a seamen’s chapel to the repeated
destruction of the former Hauptkirche St. Nikolai to its present function as a memorial – here you will discover everything that is worth knowing about the historic place you are finding yourself in.

Hamburg from 1933 to 1943

What were daily life and the preparations for war like in Nazi Hamburg? How did the war make its way to Hamburg? What events ultimately led to the air raids on Hamburg 1943? This room will provide the answers.

A Digression: The German air raid on Poland
Since 2009 this part of the exhibition has been on permanent loan from the Historical Museum of Warsaw. It shows the air war against Poland and the destruction of Warsaw, its capital.

1943 - 1945: Operation Gomorrah and its consequences

What was the strategy underlying the Allied air raids on Hamburg? How did the German air defence respond to the bombing of the city? How did the citizens of Hamburg experience the air raids? And how was Hamburg cleared up and reconstructed? These aspects are highlighted here.

Commemoration of the Hamburg firestorm

How are the air raids and their consequences commemorated? What memorials were created in the decades after the war? How did literature and the arts deal with the events? The reading corner provides the answers to these questions and invites your own reflections.