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The museum of the St. Nikolai memorial with its permanent exhibition ‘Gomorrah 1943 – Hamburg’s destruction through aerial warfare’ can be explored with the help of a guided tour. The tour takes approximately 60 minutes and includes the following:

Führungen Titel

The history of the former main church St. Nikolai – now St. Nikolai memorial – is closely linked to the history of the city of Hamburg. The repeated destruction of the church and its present-day function are explained vividly.

Being the highest building of the city, during the Second World War the spire served as a target for the British bomber fleet; they chose it as a landmark for their night-time air raids. The ramifications of the ‘Operation Gomorrah’ still characterize the appearance of the ruin. Although the guided tour focuses on the air raids on Hamburg in 1943, it also addresses the events that led up to it: How did war come to Hamburg? Which events ultimately led to the air raids on Hamburg?

The Hamburg firestorm is illustrated from different perspectives. Visitors get to know the experiences of Hamburg’s citizens as well as gain insights in the view of the allied bomber pilots and their course of action during the air raids. A variety of exhibits and historic photographs illustrate the narrative. Furthermore, the media table provides additional information.

Towards the end of the tour visitors get the answers to further questions: How did the tidying up and the reconstruction of the destroyed city of Hamburg go ahead? How are the victims commemorated and what memorials were created in the decades after the war?

After the tour visitors can use their ticket to take the panoramic lift in the steeple of St. Nikolai which takes them up to the viewing platform 250 feet (76m) above the ground. Here, visitors can enjoy the view of Hamburg’s inner city.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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