Friends and Supporters of St. Nikolai Memorial

St. Nikolai Memorial is managed by a private citizens’ action group and exclusively financed from admission fees, membership dues and donations. When he returned from exile in 1946, Mayor Max Brauer was the first to express the wish to preserve the ruin of the former Hauptkirche St. Nikolai. In 1952 the church and the city government agreed to establish a memorial dedicated to the victims of war and tyranny in the years 1933 to 1945. In the 1960s the City of Hamburg undertook to maintain the ruin. The memorial materialised when on 18 September 1987 Bishop emeritus Dr. Hans-Otto Wölber called for saving the spire and ruin of St. Nikolai as a memorial and subsequently a group calling itself ‘Save St. Nikolai’ was established. In 2012 the group’s name was changed to ‘Friends and Supporters of St. Nikolai Memorial’.

Managing committee:

Chairman: Dr. Martin Vetter
Deputy chairman: Axel-H. Wittlinger
Treasurer: Wilfried Steffen

Other members of the managing committee:

Dr. Sabine Bamberger-Stemmann, Michael Batz, Prof. Dr. Detlef Garbe,

Dr. Ralf Wegner

Members of the managing committee representing:

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg: Dr. Anette Busse
The Hauptkirche St. Nikolai at the Klosterstern: Christa Lösch

Managing director:

Dörte Huß M.A.